Houston Post Construction Cleaning

Working Object specializes in services for Houston post construction cleaning sites in the Greater metro area.  We give great attention in detailing in all areas including:

  • Removal of sheet rock debris that may go unnoticed by mediocre service providers
  • Thorough cleaning of carpeted areas
  • Any highly trafficked areas needing pressure washing
  • Vacuuming

We will develop a plan to service your facility that doesn’t inconvenience you while launching your new site.  Feel free to contact us to develop a plan that best suits your needs.Houston post construction cleaning

What Does Construction Cleaning Consists Of?

Most jobs at new sites breakdown into three phases: preliminary internal, final Internal, and external completion. Careful consideration is given to each to give thorough attention to every aspect of any facility.

Preliminary Internal

This phase usually includes removing large debris like carpet scraps and boxing materials that may cause an obstruction to walkways while final minor installations are being done.  We focus on vacuuming and sweeping major areas, cleaning windows and dusting surface areas.

Final Internal

After other items are installed, such as appliances and permanent fixtures, the cleaning crew can the begin a more comprehensive course of cleaning.  This might be detailing woodwork cabinetry, wall trim and stair banisters, as well as restrooms and break room areas.  Here are some key focal points:

  • wipe down of all window and door framing
  • Buffing and waxing of floors
  • Cleaning of ceiling fan blades and lighting
  • Dusting of ventilation items such as vents and return airflow units

External Completion

Most often construction sites struggle with trash and debris being carried by wind gusts and rain.  To prevent it leaving the site, a mesh fence is most times used to provide a barrier.  The crew will remove these items along with the fencing, along with any spare wood, plastic sheeting and vendor labels.  This will include:

  • Lumber removal
  • Driveways or walkways power washed if necessary
  • Cleaning of outside light fixtures
  • Wiping of outside windows and entrance ways