CubeSmart Self Storage

Hello again friends!!  We are thrilled you are back for another blog post!  With the weather we have been having, all of our employees have been happier than ever.  This week we are working on a Storage Unit in The Woodlands.  These storage units are very large, climate-controlled and very affordable.  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to help this wonderful company! Below we have posted before and after pictures of this project!  We hope you are as amazed as we are with the project!  Our Employees ROCK!  Thanks Again for checking out our Blog page!  We will see you next week with more updates.



The Working Object Team  




Aldine ISD Post Construction Cleaning

Hello friends, and Happy New Year!!  We are starting the year off right with a construction clean project in Houston for Aldine ISD for their Administrative Building!  There we are scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting, polishing wood, cleaning windows, and much more.  Our team is working extremely hard, and also thoroughly enjoying this project.  Below are some before and after pictures!  Be sure to leave us feedback, and let us know what you think.  Thanks again for stopping by!